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Tony L. Pope


We are so excited to announce that our archive is currently undergoing a complete makeover!
The layout will be changing to better serve the needs of each type of artifact in our collection, and we will be transferring the accession data to an advanced museum software program that utilizes a 360-degree view of each object and barcoding for ease of identification.
One exciting thing that is coming to fruition is the creation of a modern research reading room by enlarging the space, installing new tables, comfortable seating, better lighting, and computer work stations to fulfill the needs of our patrons.
By implementing these essential changes, we are taking a significant step forward to ensure not only the preservation of our extensive collection of artifacts from Rome and Floyd County’s past but also to help enhance your overall research experience.
Thank you for your support of the Rome Area History Center, and we look forward to the continuation of our mission to collect, preserve, and educate future generations about our incredible History.

The Ruffus Turner Collection

We are happy to announce that the Rome Area History Center now houses the collection of well-known historian Ruffus Turner. It is truly an honor that Mr. Turner has entrusted us with his collection of Black/African-American history from the Rome and Floyd County area. This includes copies of the famous black-owned and operated newspaper The Rome Enterprise. This paper was published by Anak Thomas Atwater for the Black community.

We are now in the process of cataloging, scanning, photographing, and adding all of the information to our database.

This is truly a wonderful addition to our ever-growing archive.

Archivist Corner

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