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Thank you for donating to show for your support!

Thank you for making your mark on Rome's history by donating to support the Rome Area History Center.  

Ms. Martha Cates
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harrison (In Honor of Bob Harris)
Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Hanks Jr.
Ford, Gittings and Kane
Margaret H Burley, River Hills Plantation (In Memory of Mike McDouglad)
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Carter
Ms. Charlene Covington
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Heaner (In Memory of Mike McDouglad)
Mr. Gordon Lee Hight
Robert Marples (In Memory of Dennis Nordeman)
Mr. Daniel J. Nordeman (In Memory of Dennis Nordeman)
David Pinson & Edith Walker
Mary Ann Desmond
Mr. and Mrs. John Hine
Dr. Ann Ellis Pullen
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Watters (In Memory of Mike McDouglad)
Ms. Annette Morris Banks
Mrs. Steve Protz
Mr. Sam Peirson
Steven/Joan Fellows (In Memory of Dennis Nordeman)
Regina Sanderson
Charles and Sara Graves
Thomas and Cindy Stinson
Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett
Mrs. Brian Worthington

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